I'm very excited to be heading out to Santa Cruz for a weekend of workshops and a concert on May 1st-3rd. Here's the schedule for the weekend:

May 1, Friday afternoon and evening
Will will be fine-tuning those instruments in need of it. ••Cost is $25. Drop off instruments to Jay before, or at the workshop site that late afternoon.!

May 2, Saturday morning, afternoon and evening:
Workshop introduction begins at 8:30 with coffee and bagels and pastries.
Workshop continues to 1:00 when we break for lunch at workshop site— either bring your own food or be prepared to dash out for take-out at local restaurant. Will and Jay, and whoever wishes to accompany them, will head out to local radio station KUSP 88.9 FM for interview with host Cindy Odom to publicize Sunday’s concert by Will
Workshop continues at 2:15 and runs to 6:00 with short break at 4:00. ••Workshop cost is $100.
Workshop dinner at local restaurant at 6:00 until 7:30ish.
Session at 7:30ish at Workshop site until...?

May 3, Sunday morning and early afternoon:
Flute and low whistle workshop begins at 10:00 AM and continues till 1:00 PM. ••Cost (for non-piping participants) is $40.
Lunch break from 1:00 until 2:00.
Between 2 and 4:30 there are a limited number of 45 minute time slots for individual work with Will. ••Cost is $40.
Dinner break at 4:30.
Concert from 6:30 until 8:30 at workshop site. Cost is $15.
••All workshop and concert reservations to be made by calling Jay Salter, 831.429.5836••

AuthorWill Woodson