I'm surely overdue for an update here, but I'm coming off the back of a wildly busy December. The larger part of the reason for the busyness was the happy success of my Kickstarter campaign for my upcoming album, "The Sunny Hills". Thanks to the support of 151 backers, Eric McDonald and myself were able to raise almost $7000 to finance the costs of recording, mixing, and manufacturing our debut project. This is great news, and we'll have the album in hand for release in the spring of this upcoming year.

For those in the Boston area, I'm happy to announce that I'll be making myself available for lessons on Scottish bellows pipes, tin whistle, low whistle, and wooden flute in the Boston area on a regular basis starting this January. I'll be available to teach all day on Mondays at Club Passim in Harvard Square, from 9 am to 9:30 pm. Additionally, I may be available to make house calls on Sunday mornings and early afternoons. If you're interested, get in touch, and if you know anybody else who might be up for it, mind letting them know?

Also, I'll be hosting a regular Sunday session with my pal Eric McDonald at Emmett's Pub in Boston, 6 Beacon Street. It's from 3-6, so come on down for a tune or two if you're up for it.

Oh, and Happy New Year! 2015 is looking great from here, and I've got plenty of exciting news that will be emerging in the coming months, so keep watching this space.

AuthorWill Woodson