First of all, thank you so much to all of you who've donated to my Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to you, we made nearly $3000 in the first week of our campaign, putting us almost halfway towards our goal of recording "The Sunny Hills"

To give everybody a bit more of a taste of what will be on the album, I've started a Kickstarter Daily Tune series on Youtube. Every day, I'll be sharing a video of a tune on the pipes or flute. Some will be tunes appearing on the album and other will just be favorites of mie. If you've got friends who might be interested in becoming backers, passing this link along might be a great way to pique their interest.

Additionally, Eric and myself have got an upcoming concert on Concert Window this Thursday the 11th at 7 pm Eastern. It's pay what you want, and all money raised from the concert will go directly to fund our campaign. We'll be playing sets intended for the album, so it'll give you yet another preview of things to come.

We've come a long way, but we've got a ways to go yet and keeping up the momentum at this time is crucial. If you've been meaning to donate and haven't yet, now's the time. If you have, please let other people who you think could be interested know.

Again, thanks to you all for your generosity. We're working hard and are as excited as ever.

AuthorWill Woodson