At long last, it's happening. I'm sitting in my Brooklyn apartment surrounded by luggage and boxes, prepped to make the move to Portland, Maine at the start of February. It's a big move, and winter is likely not the best time of year to be travelling further north, but I'm frankly thrilled about the whole thing.

The very fine cauld wind pipemaker Nate Banton, who has been kind enough to employ me as his apprentice since 2013, recently relocated himself and his workshop to Portland. I'm no fool, and I'm following him up there to continue developing my pipemaking. I'm also very excited about the musical opportunities I'll have there--Portland boasts a fine music scene itself, and there's an acre and half of very fine musicians just down the road in Boston. It'll be tunes for miles, folks.

I'm looking forward to a busy 2014. There's several rather hush-hush projects on the go at the moment that will need airing out these next few months, so stay tuned. If you're in Portland or Boston, or anywhere around or in between, do get in touch. I'm currently taking students, and even if you're not after lessons, I'd still fancy a chat and a tune.

AuthorWill Woodson