"Together with his musical partner Eric McDonald, [Will] explores a wide range of repertoire, some played on the pipes, some on flute.  It’s wonderful to hear tunes which normally sit solidly in the fiddle repertoire, such as Scott Skinner’s ‘Gladstones’, being played on the pipes with apparent ease, and even where the tunes are familiar to pipers, Will’s approach serves to inject an element of the unexpected – an unusual turn here, a melodic foray into to the high octave there. He has followed his musical instinct and has come up with a genuinely effective instrument, with playing-technique to match. These are early days, but Will is busy engineering his own quiet revolution in the border pipe sound."  

Iain MacInnes, BBC Scotland


Will Woodson is an innovative and powerful young performer of traditional music on border pipes, wooden flute, and tin whistle. Having recently graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow with a master’s degree in traditional music, he’s now returned to his first home across the Atlantic. These days, he's based in Portland, Maine and is enmeshed in the thriving music scene of the Northeastern United States, where he's active as both a musician and a maker of Scottish bellows pipes.

Will has played across America, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, and a good bit of continental Europe, appearing at major festivals like Piping Live and Celtic Connections in Glasgow. He’s also kept busy teaching and has recently appeared at events like the Boxwood Festival and the Pipers' Gathering.

In addition to performing and teaching, Will is a maker of border pipes and works for the well-established pipemaker Nate Banton. Will plays a unique and highly developed set of pipes that he designed and built in conjunction with Nate; the set possesses an extended melodic compass and a superior range of expressive capabilities. Will is known for his thrilling, virtuosic, and highly personal musical style, which utilizes the full extent of his singular instrument.

In 2015, Will released his debut album, The Sunny Hills, with guitarist, mandolin player, and singer Eric McDonald. He plays in the band Daymark, and is currently at work developing several other projects to be announced in 2017.